360 Degree Digital Solutions

Being highly experienced in the field of data-driven marketing, we audit and analyze your online presence. We interpret the perception of your target audience and then identify the customer. We then market your brand idea digitally as per their needs and demands, ensuring on a superior return on investment.


The degree to which the organization values brand and its practices are oriented towards building brand capabilities. The idea of your Brand is very important. Knowing how important the idea of your brand is, we protect these concepts and develop your brand prototype so that it ensures customer recall, competitive edge, loyalty and an enhanced credibility in the market.


Communication & Advertising

Our communication and advertising strategies start with a research on your brand to classify your unique selling proposition. We specialize in communicating directly or indirectly with your target audience to build a positive and strong long-term relationship with them. We design a well-defined campaign and its execution strategy keeping your decision makers in mind and their psychographics. Publicity conveys ideas and information and therefore it can ensure what your audience should perceive.


“As the author of "A Tall Order", I am really happy that Footmarque has handled this event where they got Genuine Broaster Chicken, Hyderabad to launch my book. The way the process had started, a few days back right from the social media. I see a lot of likes and posts on social media building up the momentum of the event. Taking into consideration today's event with the media gathering and the way the process was integrated, I think Footmarque has really done a wonderful job for creating such an environment and making the book promotion of "A Tall Order" a really successful event. ”

Kapil PathareAuthor of "A Tall Order"

“Working with Footmarque was an amazing experience. We were in touch a lot with their entire team in the buildup to the event. The co-ordination between them and Genuine Broaster Chicken was very professional and that's the way any agency should function. What you guys have done today is amazing, the way you have operated and managed members of the media is commendable. We hope to work with them in the future as well”

Vandana SheteOwner of Genuine Broaster Chicken, Hyderabad

“The numbers do look very impressive. This seems like this is a good route to follow and opt for ”

Sanjiv PadmanMarketing Manager of Business Gateways International LLC